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Write second

My editor was so frustrated with me that I thought his head might explode, and later I understood why.

As a rookie reporter, I had returned from a county commission meeting unsure how to write my story for the newspaper. So I started typing in paragraphs based on my notes, figuring that I would rearrange them later in an order that made sense.

Greg told me that was no way to write, and he was right.

If you can’t write a headline or introduction, you haven’t thought enough about what you want to convey in your writing or speech.

Sure you can jot down ideas that you want to include, but don’t try to write a first draft. If you aren’t clear yourself about what you want your readers or listeners to take away, you aren’t ready to compose the body.

You can revise or rewrite it later, but consider your topic long enough to write some type of introduction before you draft anything else.

Think first; write second.

What’s your advice for writing a first draft?